Imagine paying over $1,000 for a brand new smart phone, walking out of the store and dropping it on the concrete! It happens all too often.

Enter the Cliphanger – the most secure way you will ever find to get a grip on your expensive phone. We’ve traveled all over the world with a Cliphanger on our phones, and everywhere we go, people want to know what it is. What we tell them is that it is the best accessory we have ever owned for our mobile phones!

Cliphanger has a singular focus of making your phone an even more integrated part of your daily life. From selfies to sharing a moment with your grandkids, Cliphanger gives you nearly unlimited options for how you hold the phone.

On this site you will find the two most popular Cliphanger products: The Pivit and The new KickStand, latest in the range of phone accessibility products geared towards all generations. Through our arrangement with the manufacturer, we sell only the latest products and offer you a simplified way to purchase the model that suits you best.

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